Tanja Traxler





Ph.D. student in physics and philosophy

at the University of Vienna


 Tanja Traxler graduated in Physics at the University of Vienna in 2009. She is involved in a doctoral programme of Physics and Philosophy. Her mentors are Markus Aspelmeyer, professor of quantum physics and Arno Böhler, philosopher. Since 2001, she has been a freelancer for the Austrian daily Der Standard, where she works henceforth permanently in the department of Science and Research (ForschungsSpezial). Since 2009 she has furthermore been head of the university department UniStandard.




Arno Böhler (1963) is a philosopher, filmmaker and senior lecturer at the University of Vienna. He has founded the philosophy-performance festival Philosophy On Stage. Currently, he runs the FWF-project (Austrian Science Fund) ‘Generating Bodies: Philosophy on Stage’. (TRP12-G21) It is the follow-up to his FWF-project ‘Materiality And Temporality of Performative Speech Acts’ (2005-2007). Earlier, he held fellowships at Princeton University and New York University. His major research interest concerns the status of the body in the history of philosophy and he therefore comes close to a philosophy of nature.


Markus Aspelmeyer has been Professor of Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information on the Nano- and Microscale at the University of Vienna since 2009 and the speaker and founding member of the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology. For his investigations in the foundations of quantum entanglement and quantum optics, on which he started to work together with Anton Zeilinger in 2002, he has been awarded several prizes and grants like the Lieben Prize (2007), START Prize (2008), ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant (2009), Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel-price (2010) and has been offered professorships at the University of Oxford and the University of Calgary.