Main Mentor

Peter-Paul Verbeek is professor of philosophy of technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands), and director of the international master programme Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society. He is also an editor of the journal Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology and a member of the board of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. As of 2009, Verbeek has been a member of the ‘Young Academy’, which is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Verbeek’s research focuses on the social and cultural roles of technology and the ethical and anthropological aspects of human-technology relations. He recently published the book What Things Do: Philosophical Reflections on Technology, Agency, and Design (Penn State University Press, 2005), in which he elaborates an analysis of how technologies mediate human actions and experiences, with applications to industrial design. He also co-edited the volume User Behaviour and Technology Design – Shaping Sustainable Relations between Consumers and Technologies (Springer, 2006) about the interaction between technology and behaviour, and its relevance to technology design and environmental policy. Verbeek’s approach to technology assessment is highly relevant for all three dissertation theses. His publications on Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and interest in further research within this field, justify his role as main mentor. His overall supervision will guarantee that interdisciplinary links evolve properly. A research exchange of all three students is scheduled.