The DOCteam Project has been finished -- officially and in regard to our three year's funding of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. However, we continue working together, exchanging ideas and helping each other out in new projects and jobs!


This is us at Julia's Defensio -- with our very supportive Main Mentor Peter-Paul Verbeek.



Final Report of the DOCteam-project 'Thinking Space'
For a detailed description of the project's set-up and findings, please read the final Report of 'Thinking Space', as it has been handed in to the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
Final Report.pdf
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In the big presentation of the first half of the DOCteam project's work at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, we focused on the differents space concepts that have to be considered or dismissed when one deals with 'smart objects' and non-human 'agency' in the e.g. a 'smart' living room.

(March 2014)

If you are interested in our work process (and you read german) please download the Report, we handed in at the Austrian Academy of Sciences for the first half of our project.
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2013 was rich in conferences for Thinking Space!


First of all, we went to the US to speak about "The Materialization of the Virtual" at the Conference "Matterin: Feminism, Science and Materialism", City University of New York.


Tanja furthermore spoke at the "First International Deleuze Studies in Asia"-Conference in Taipei at Tamsui University about "Assemblages of sense and non-sense in quantum physics".



In May we presented our paper "Extremely Small and Incredibly Everywhere" at the 4th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence at the University of Salamanca, Spanien.


In July, we spoke of "Territories in-between: cyberspace and materiality" at the sixth International Deleuze Studies Conference ‘The Territory in between’ at the University of Lisbon.


Shortly after in Lisbon, we presented the small case study: "Arno’s Car: Postphenomenology and ambient Intelligence" at the 18th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology ‘Technology in the Age of Information’. In the picture you see Tanja with the object of investigation: philosopher Arno Böhler's 'smart' car. 







To accurately represent the multifold field our research tackles, we decided to present our project in a multifold poster. A lot of work went into this and it was worth it -- people rembered and kept asking us about it long after the poster exhibition.








Our DOCteam grant was officially handed over to us by the minister of science  in the assembly hall of the academy.






 In the 'Thinking Space'-Kick-Off Meeting the three students and all seven involved professors, Markus Aspelmeyer, Norbert Bachleitner, Arno Böhler, Jens S. Dangschat, Dieter Läpple, Konrad Paul Liessmann and Peter-Paul Verbeek, discussed the main topics and methods of the project.






 After the hearing in the last round for the DOCteam scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences - with our extremely supportive Main Mentor Peter-Paul Verbeek. 

(March 2011)